Assignment 4: Fundamental Frequency Tracking

Musical Statements

"Thriller E Minor"

by Josh Brown

E Minor


Single Notes??


by Sean

"Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood"

by Jay


by Ben

"Fortnite Wiggle"

by Kevin

"Gusty C Minor"

by Kacey


C Minor

"Rockefelleller Street"

by Johnnie

"Do YoU BeLiEvE In LiFe AfTeR LoVe?"

by Emily M


by Zach O

"Anamaniacs Trumpet"

by Brenden

"I mostly just used the trumpet code but bumped the frequencies up 2 octaves because otherwise it felt a little too low for a trumpet."


by Zack R

"Track 3" / "The Dance"

by Jess

"Loud Vocal Boost G Flat"

by Evan


by Breeze


by Ian

"Dr. Whummed"

by James

"Spooky Halloween"

by Henry